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My Pleasant MyLot Experience

It was about two years ago when I chanced upon this site that promised some good returns by starting discussion threads on just about any topic under the sun or making comments on discussions started by other members of that site. So, curiously enough, I joined and starting participating in the various discussion threads by responding to comments or starting new discussions myself. It’s pretty amazing that after a month or so of just writing stuff I love, I got my first payout of $10 from Paypal, a recognized online payment processor, and still getting payouts to date just by being an active member thereof.

I am, of course, referring to my which has gained popularity over the years due to its interesting features, relevant topics and consistent payout to its members worldwide.

For me, it started as a curiosity and later became one of my passions as the site also gave me the platform to express myself in writing while earning at the same time. It’s a program that could actually help augment the income of frustrated writers like me.

So if writing is your cup of tea and you are fond of posting topics and commenting on relevant discussions online, then myLot is for you.

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